E-course: The Basics of Bike Sharing

This e-course provides an introduction into the concept of bike sharing and shares the experiences and strategies of different cities which already have implemented a bike sharing scheme. It course is a co-production of DTV Consultants and Velo Mondial and is financed through CIVITAS and VeloCittà. It was originally developed as part of the CIVITAS Initiative learning centre.

An e-course is an individual course to be followed online. The course covers various topics and ends with an online test. The e-course takes approximately 1-2 hours. The e-course is divided in ‘blocks’. All e-courses start with an introduction on the goals of the e-course, the structure of the course and what is expected of you. This e-course consists of 7 blocks. You can watch movies, read articles or other texts, and work on little assignments to reflect on the theory. There’s a variety in blocks to keep you alert and motivated.

An e-course is an easy way to learn more about a topic. There is so much information to be found online. In this e-course CIVITAS knowledge and experiences of CIVITAS cities is brought together in order to give a quick overview on the topic. The main focus of the e-course is gaining knowledge rather than practicing skills.

The language in the e-course is English.

This is the structure of the e-course:
Course introduction
Block 1 – what is bike sharing?
Block 2 – introduction movie
Block 3 – bike sharing schemes (target groups, stakeholders, business models)
Block 4 – technique, costs and finance
Block 5 – article
Block 6 – bike sharing examples
Block 7 – final test

E-course: The basics of bike sharing

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